Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Fun winter blogging time again...

A Fun Blogging Programme for Children!

Kia ora! My name is Rachel Williams and I am a qualified teacher. I was born and raised in Canada but moved to New Zealand six years ago. I currently live in west Auckland with my son, Aronui. He’s five years old and just started primary school. Exciting!

Late last year I was hired to create a holiday blogging programme for Year 5-10 students in Manaiakalani schools. I created the Summer Learning Journey programme and trialled it in three schools - Tamaki Primary School, Panmure Bridge School and Pt England School.

The purpose of the programme was to help students practice, and hopefully improve their reading and their writing skills. Guess what? It worked! Students in the programme had significantly better e-asTTle writing scores this year than they did last year and significantly higher writing scores than children who didn’t participate. It’s a great result!

To build on this success I have created a second blogging programme. It is called a Winter Learning Journey and the theme for the programme is the Olympic Games! To join, students simply log onto the Winter Learning Journey site and register.

The Winter Learning Journey programme will be offered from 9 July to 24 July 2016.

If you have a son or daughter attending a Manaiakalani cluster school in east Auckland please help them register today!
Feel free to contact me (Rachel) via email or phone any time.
Phone number: 09-623-8899 ext. 46437.

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