Thursday, 30 April 2015

Whānau Learning at Glenbrae School

The following is an original post from the blog of  Room 7 at Glenbrae School 

As part of Manaiakalani Education Trust, Glenbrae school supports tamariki and whānau to learn how to use their chromebooks in the best possible way. We call this our Kawa of Care and includes everything from looking after the device, being Cybersmart, and home learning. 

Last night we invited whānau to join us to learn about the Kawa of Care so that our new chromebook learners can begin to take their devices home. By taking their device home they can continue their learning journeys, anywhere and anytime! 

It was an absolute delight to see our talented tamariki, showing their whānau through our learning site, this class blog and their own personal blogs. Mothers, fathers, grandfathers all took part in using their children's chromebooks and practised writing thoughtful, positive and helpful comments on their blogs.

It was awesome for our fantastic Room 7 learners to share their learning with their families. They were very proud of their work and I was very proud of them for leading the learning in the way that they were sharing with their whānau!

Well done tamariki, and thank you to the wonderful family members who came along. We couldn't do this without you! 

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  1. Awesome work Panmure Bridge School empowering our community through technology.
    Looking forward to working alongside our parents and opening their eyes to the world our children already live in.