Monday, 9 November 2015

Term 4 On the homeward straight to Christmas...

Well we won the Rugby world Cup superb effort guys you have done this tiny nation proud.
Go the Mighty All Blacks!! Last week saw a drop off in training we will boil it down to everyone still being in recovery mode from the mighty win.
Well done to all the parents that have done the training in the last couple of weeks, i'm sure with a little encouragement from our tamariki, it has helped motivate you to undertake the training.
Just a reminder whanau if you need to re schedule your appointment don't forget to text or ring me, its no big deal to make another time, everyone's time is precious and no one likes to waste any of it.
It has been interesting training parents who have never accessed their child's school website before, and showing them how they can comment on their child's school work, keep checking in on your child's learning and don't forget to comment, all children love to see that someone is taking an interest in their school work. and you might learn a thing or two yourself.
Schools are gearing up for next years new intake of chrome book users, Tamaki Primary had two Home School Partnership meetings which were well received by parents, who were interested in knowing how their children will be learning using digital devices.
We have the Manaiakalani film festival this week I hope as many parents as possible can get along and see what a talented bunch of children we have and to support all the hard work them and their teachers have done to make this film festival so successful.
Not long to go now 6 weeks and its holiday time Yay!!

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